Les Ânes de la Vallée du Lot

Here is Manon, Cloé and Fergusson, three kind asses which wait for you...

They will accompany you for day, or several days, provide with their equipment to carry the picnic or the bags. The donkey is a good walker and good carrier, it is tough and brave, it knows how to return what we give him, cooperate softly and what understands fast for what we expect from him. It is intelligent and affectionate, soft and quiet sometimes mischievous and, therefore, gets along extremely well with the children who very fast feel comfortable.  It possesses its own character and will know how to exploit your weaknesses then sweetness and firmness will be necessary because it works as a 6-year-old child. It feeds on grass in the arrival and during the breaks, drinks in the bucket and in fountain, rarely to the brook.




A donkey moves but does not get out!

A small baguette can turn out to be necessary at first and walk by his/her side will be a real pleasure.

Its rhythm, stuck in your will allow you to savor the beauty of the landscapes and maybe to surprise some roe deers.

The activity of donkey-driver not being of the riding but the transport, the civil liability is committed only in case of professional misconduct, if a donkey hurts a person or if it causes an accident. The people who accompany the donkey are not assured. It is thus asked to the walkers to have a life insurance, accidents and a general civil liability.

Céline accompanies you 1/4 an hour, the time to familiarize you with our friends with long ears and lets you leave only unless you choose the support.

The rudiments of the donkey driving and safety regulations will be indicated to you.

For that purpose, a document indicating you the advice to go hiking with a donkey will be supplied to you as well as maps but anyway, chosen paths are marked out.



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